Kumar City Master Plan

Kumar City Master Plan

Kumar City, a sprawling township project by Kumar Properties, is set to redefine the concept of modern living in Manjri, East Pune. With its meticulously designed master plan, this prelaunch project promises to create a harmonious blend of residential apartments and plots, offering a range of unit types to cater to diverse needs. Spread over a vast area of 140 acres, Kumar City is poised to become a landmark development in the region. One of the key highlights of Kumar City is its versatility, offering both apartments and plots as housing options. This unique feature allows homebuyers to choose between ready-to-move-in apartments or customize their dream homes on spacious plots, providing a sense of personalization and freedom of choice. The township caters to various family sizes and budgets, with its unity types ranging from 1, 2, and 3 BHK apartments to plots for those who prefer to build their homes from scratch.

Located in Manjri, East Pune, Kumar City enjoys a strategic location that offers excellent connectivity to the city's major hubs and essential amenities. The project's proximity to key areas such as Hadapsar, Magarpatta, and Kharadi ensures convenience regarding work commutes, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and entertainment centers. Residents of Kumar City will also benefit from the upcoming infrastructure developments in the region, including proposed road expansions and improved connectivity. The Kumar City masterplan showcases a well-thought-out layout emphasizing green spaces, recreational facilities, and community. The township is designed to enhance the quality of life for its residents, offering a range of amenities within its boundaries. Residents can indulge in various lifestyle amenities, including landscaped gardens, jogging tracks, a clubhouse, a gymnasium, a swimming pool, and sports facilities. These features foster an active and healthy lifestyle while providing spaces for relaxation and socializing.

In addition to the residential precincts, the Kumar City masterplan also includes dedicated commercial zones, ensuring that residents have easy access to daily conveniences. These commercial areas will feature retail outlets, supermarkets, restaurants, and other essential services, creating a self-sustained ecosystem within the township. This aspect adds to the overall convenience and enhances the residents' living experience. Kumar Properties, the renowned builder behind this ambitious project, is known for its commitment to quality and timely delivery. With a solid record of successful residential and commercial developments, Kumar Properties brings its expertise and experience to Kumar City, assuring homebuyers of a trustworthy and reliable investment option. Furthermore, sustainability is a key aspect of Kumar City's master plan. The project incorporates eco-friendly practices and initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. Efforts such as rainwater harvesting, solar energy utilization, and waste management systems are integrated into the design, ensuring a greener and more sustainable living environment for the residents.

The Kumar City masterplan goes beyond just providing residential and commercial spaces. It also focuses on creating a well-connected and walkable community. The layout includes well-designed roads, pedestrian-friendly pathways, and cycling tracks, ensuring ease of movement within the township. The emphasis on connectivity and accessibility enhance the overall convenience for the residents, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Another noteworthy aspect of the master plan is the inclusion of ample green spaces and landscaped gardens. Kumar City aims to create a serene environment amidst the hustle and bustle of city life. The presence of lush greenery not only adds aesthetic appeal but also promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation. Residents can enjoy nature walks, meditate in peaceful surroundings, or simply unwind amidst the beauty of nature.

Safety and security are given utmost priority in the Kumar City master plan. The township has advanced security systems, including gated entry points, CCTV surveillance, and round-the-clock security personnel. These measures ensure a safe and secure living environment for the residents, providing peace of mind to families and individuals. Furthermore, the master plan includes dedicated spaces for community gatherings and social interactions. A central clubhouse is a hub for social activities, fostering a sense of camaraderie among the residents. Community halls, party lawns, and multipurpose spaces are designed to facilitate events, celebrations, and cultural activities, encouraging residents to come together and create lasting bonds.

Overall, the Kumar City master plan is a testament to the thoughtful and meticulous planning by Kumar Properties. It aims to create a self-sufficient, sustainable, and inclusive township offering exceptional quality of life. With its focus on connectivity, green spaces, security, and community engagement, Kumar City sets a new benchmark in township development, catering to residents' evolving needs and aspirations in Manjri, East Pune.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by a Master Plan, and what is its significance?

A master Plan is an outline structure of the whole development in depth which helps the home buyers to understand and visualize the outcome of the final product. A Master plan is a pictorial representation of the residential development that gives us a clear picture of the arrangements of the facilities, residential units and other amenities on the premises. This plan shows us in detail the tower placements, the space allocated for open space, greenery, clubhouse and other units in the periphery.

2. What are the different configurations and apartment sizes available in Kumar City?

Kumar City is expected to offer 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK premium apartment with various configurations for each unit.

3. What kind of residential options are available in Kumar City? Just Township, Villas or Plots also?

According to the current proposed plan, Kumar City offers 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartmets & Plots. The other residential options will be made available soon.

4. Who is the Architect or Master Planners of Kumar City?

Kumar Properties develops Kumar City, and the architects will be one of India’s most renowned brands. The correct information on the architect will be announced soon after the necessary approvals are in place.

5. How many apartment units are present in Kumar City?

Kumar City has multiple high-rise residential towers that host numerous abodes with different configurations. The number of residential units on the premise is unknown until it is announced officially.

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